Choose one of two options to sign your child up for band next year at Braxton Craven.

Option 1 - Attend ONE of our main registration nights:

Braxton Craven Band Main Registration Nights
Tuesday, February 12th or Wednesday, February 13th
5:00 - 7:00pm (Drop In) at Braxton Craven

This is the best option for parents new to band. Information about our program and how to obtain an instrument will be provided.
Parents will also have a chance to speak to the band director one on one.

Option 2 - Sign up online!

This is a great option for parents already familiar with our band program or that have conflicts attending our main registration nights. Please click on the link below to register your child:

Online registration must be completed by Friday, February 22nd.

Common questions from past band parents:

When does band take place?
Band is a regularly scheduled class during the school day at Braxton Craven.
Does Band conflict with other outside activities?
Band does not conflict with outside activities such as sports. Each year in our band program we have football players, dancers, bull riders, soccer players, cheerleaders, baseball players, scouts, and many other students with additional interests.
When is the best time to start Band?
Sixth grade at Braxton Craven is the only time students are permitted to enter the ATMS, Trinity, and Wheatmore Band Programs... so next year is the best time for your child to give band a try!
What about an instrument?
Parents will be given several economic options for obtaining an instrument once your child is registered.
How can I obtain an instrument?

An important factor in your child’s success and enjoyment in band is obtaining a QUALITY instrument. There are a large number of cheap instruments available now. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! How good of a deal is it if your child doesn't enjoy playing because their instrument does not work properly? If you are not sure of a brand, please call or email me.

What do you recommend, renting or purchasing?

In the end, it is your decision. Since I do not rent or sell instruments, I feel I can give you unbiased advice. Many parents rent an instrument. This is a good way for you and your child to get the best start possible on a quality instrument, yet not be "locked in" to a major purchase before you know your child wants to continue. Purchasing an instrument at the start often may be cheaper and save you money in the long run. Many of my parents also obtain USED instruments from friends or family, ads in the newspaper, or pawn shops. My advice to this is to stick only with major brands, and to have a repair technician look it over for a "tune up" prior to the start of school. I will also be happy to look at any instrument prior to the start of school. Typical repairs may take 2 to 3 weeks.

Instrument brands I have seen perform well and hold up in class over the years:
  • Flute – Yamaha, Armstrong, Gemeinhardt, Jupiter
  • Clarinet – Buffet, Yamaha, Jupiter, Artley, Vito
  • Alto Sax – Jupiter, Yamaha, King
  • Trumpet and Trombone – Yamaha, King, Bach (TB), Jupiter

**Conn Selmer has budget/beginner/intermediate lines that can be confusing. If you have questions about which line is best for your child, please contact me. If the brand you find is not on the list above, I strongly recommend for you to keep looking or contact me if you need guidance.

Traditional instrument colors (silver, gold / brass and black for clarinets). My experience with instruments in non traditional / fad colors (blue, red, white, purple, etc.) is that they often do not perform properly and are difficult to repair.

If you have questions about a brand or which line is best for your child, please contact me.

Remember, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!!!!!!

Local Music companies:

High Point Music,

3407-A Archdale Road
Archdale, NC 27263
Map it!

Music and Arts, Durham
1258 S. Church Street
Burlington, NC 27215
Map it!

Smith-Whitley, High Point
802 Westchester Dr.
High Point, NC 27262
Map it!

Moore Music, Greensboro
615 W. Market St
Greensboro, NC 27401
Map it!

Jackson Music Store, Inc.,

1409 S. Stratford Rd.
Winston-Salem, NC
Map it!

Separk Music
1325 Lewisville-Clemmons Road
Lewisville, NC 27023
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